The primary goal of Muslim Adoption Network is to locate Muslim homes for Muslim children in need of a home. To date, we’ve compiled a database of Muslim individuals across the U.S. who are either interested in adopting or fostering, in the process of becoming licensed resource parents, and (fewer) who are already licensed. This network is not a Muslim adoption agency or a fee-based facilitating service. This is a free resource. Because the need for Muslim adoptive and foster parents is sporadic, immediate, and in different parts of the country, it is difficult to locate Muslim resource parents when an emergency situation arises. This network is a confidential, centralized resource and database for Muslims looking for resource parents. Importantly, it is a way of referring prospective resource parents to appropriate agencies, attorneys, social workers, and counselors in their particular state.

About the Founder

I am an attorney licensed in Illinois and practicing in Chicago. In addition to my employment and civil rights work, I’ve represented abused and neglected children in court In recent years, I have also taken part in a movement to educate the Muslim community at large about foster parenting and adoption, and the need for licensed Muslim resource parents here in the U.S. Through my volunteer efforts, I have made contacts with hundreds of individuals across the country who can serve as potential resource parents, and I do what I can to help connect them with resources in their particular state to obtain licensure. As such, I am a mere community member in the-know, and who can be a resource to those looking to link themselves with Muslims in-need. Muslim Adoption Network is a work in progress and we invite you to participate in this effort– linking us with Muslim children in need of a home, prospective adopting and/or foster parents, and providing us with names of recommended attorneys, Muslim-friendly agencies, and efficient licensing protocols that have worked for you in your city or state. Please contact me at if you’d like more information on adoption and foster parenting.